CRL - Community Rail Lancashire


The five community rail partnerships across the Community Rail Lancashire area have carried out a number of projects over the last few years and details of these can be found by clicking the appropriate link below.

Down the Line – a new educational website

School Engagement – details of CRLs Education Programme

All Change at Cherry Tree –   establishing Cherry Tree as a gateway to Witton Park

Heyhouses – a wildlife art project at St. Annes-on-the-Sea station

Revitalising Burnley Central – a multilingual art project in Burnley

Pleasington (All Together Now) – award winning project to rejuvenate Pleasington station

Rose Grove Revived – a multi media school project to supplement the upgrade of Rose Grove station

Brian the Bull – eponymous hero of two DVDs

My Mill Hill – a multi-school project to bring the station back into the community

Padiham to Aachen – a project that saw a class of primary school children visit Holland & Germany

Passport to Safe Rail Travel – school engagement incentive